Bombed by 67 Nukes

Aug 18 2008

Senator Abacca Anjain Madisson of Rongelap, Marshall Islands, describes how her country was struck by 67 nuclear weapons during Pacific Islands testing by the United States. The devastating consequences of this testing have lingered for generations among her people, and led her to become both a Senator and to lead the efforts of the Marshall Islands’ people to receive compensation from the United States for the loss of land, environmental destruction and health problems in the islands resulting from the tests.

Senator Abacca Anjain Madisson is now one of 5 women co-Chairs of the Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (PNND). These courageous women, all elected parliamentarians, lead the effort to organize and coordinate elected officials globally to end the threat of nuclear weapons. 

In this 12.5-minute film, these four women leaders share their reasons for their commitment to disarmament. Alexa McDonough of Canada was the first woman Leader of the Canadian New Democratic Party and is currently the New Democratic Party Critic for International Development, International Cooperation and Peace Advocacy.

The Honorable  Marian Hobbs of Aotearoa-New Zealand has held the positions of Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control, Minister for the Environment, Minister Responsible for Overseas Development Aid, Minister for Broadcasting and Associate Minister for Education.

Uta Zapf of Germany is the Chair of the Bundestag (German Parliament) Sub-Committee on Disarmament Arms Control and Nonproliferation, and is the Deputy Spokeswoman for Foreign Policy of the Social Democrats in the Bundestag.  Lee Mikyung of South Korea (could not attend this filming) is a leading figure in the South Korean National Assembly and in North East Asia advancing cross-party and regional initiatives to advance denuclearization in the region including the Six Party process and proposals for a North-East Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

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