5th Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates Takes Place in Rome, Italy

GSI Event Report by Jonathan Granoff (Head of Delegation), Alyn Ware (IPB Vice-President), and Urs Cipolat (programme and technical support) Rome, Italy November 12, 2004 From 10-13 November, twenty-five Nobel Peace Laureates and their organizations met in Rome, Italy to consider vital issues of multi-ethnicity, human rights and terrorism under the theme of a divided […]

“The Limits of Unilateralism” By Amb. Thomas Graham, Jr.

Remarks by Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr.Washington, DC October 2, 2003 Disarmament, arms control, is not a new issue. In the Middle Ages, the Pope outlawed the crossbow declaring it to be “hateful to God and unfit for Christians.” However, the crossbow was later overtaken in effectiveness by the English longbow. And both the crossbow and […]