The Iran Deal: Steps Toward the Common Good

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post, August 3, 2015. We should be grateful to the diplomats for ensuring no further proliferation of nuclear weapons in a volatile region. The […]

Its Time to Make the Middle East WMD-Free

published in the World Policy Blog   by Jonathan Granoff   September 12, 2013 Eliminating the chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria through international cooperation and bringing Syria into full compliance […]

GSI eNewsletter: April 20, 2007

The Global Security Institute endeavors to consistently provide relevant, insightful communications to advance the rule of law, the moral imperative to ensure a sustainable future and the elimination of nuclear […]

Humanitarian Law Versus Nuclear Weapons

GSI Event Report October 25, 2010       A stimulating panel, Humanitarian Law Versus Nuclear Weapons, took as its theme the international community’s reaffirmation earlier this year that law […]

The Three Most Important Legal Instruments

GSI President Jonathan Granoff discusses what he believes are the three most important legan instruments of the 20th century: the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the […]