The Vision and Conviction of Senator Alan Cranston

The Global Security Institute was founded in October of 1999 by Senator Alan Cranston (1914-2000) to continue and institutionalize a lifetime of dedicated work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. […]

Fail Safe Remains a Tale for Our Times

 April 5, 2000 By Alan Cranston Global Beat Syndicate SAN FRANCISCO — This Sunday, a live television drama will reintroduce millions of viewers to the dangers posed by nuclear weapons. […]

U.S. Must Rethink Its Nuclear Policy

 June 9, 1998 By Alan Cranston San Francisco Chronicle India’s and Pakistan’s nuclear tests reveal the impotence of current policies intended to prevent proliferation. Moralizing appeals, threats of sanctions and […]

Nukes Beget Nukes: Away with Bombs

 November 16, 1999 By Alan Cranston San Francisco Examiner LOS ALTOS HILLS: Shortly after atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I met Albert Einstein. He warned if the bomb […]

Books: The Sovereignty Revolution

“Senator Alan Cranston was a passionate public servant, a true citizen of the world and an inspirational force for peace. The Sovereignty Revolution, finished shortly before his death, gives voice […]