The chaotic situation in Afghanistan, the resurgence of a wave of Covid infections amplified by political distortions of science, the toxic excessive partisanship and continuing challenge to democracy in the United States, highlight the fact that we, as humans, are fallible and do not consistently make rational perfect decisions, especially in crisis.

I believe it is arrogant to think we can design systems more perfect than we are. Nuclear weapons systems leave little room for error. It seems obvious then that we must commit and succeed in ending the reliance on pursuing global security based on the threat to annihilate humanity. It is vital that we end the instability of deterrence based on the daily threat of catastrophe. The statistically verifiable risk that the weapons will ultimately be used by accident, design, miscalculation, or madness are simply too high in today’s world.

We focus on the challenge of nuclear weapons because it is a nexus of law, morality, economics, practicality, diplomacy, and military policy.

We aim to redirect the pursuit of security based on a more realistic sustainable approach, human security. Please join us in this pursuit.

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