Dear Friends,,
In the past few months in over 60 cases the US legal system upheld the rule of law and rejected meritless claims designed to overturn the presidential election. However a significant portion of the population rejected these judicial rulings on the legitimacy of the election won by Joe Biden. They were told and believe lies. 
On January 6th we all watched the attempted destruction of democracy by the invasion of the Capital building in Washington. The stress test continues.
The constituency of President Trump that engaged in these acts of sedition will not soon give up their passions and their leaders will continue to promote falsehoods and prejudice. The duty of all people of good will to advance justice, the rule of law, and truth has become critically important for the United States.
Governance of a nation based on lies and illusions with leadership lacking mental and emotional stability can place the entire world in mortal hazard if that nation has nuclear weapons. We are faced with the reality of this truth now. The articles here are a response to this moment.