Opening Remarks


Charles J. Moxley, Jr.

Arbitrator, FCI Arb; Mediator, IMI Certified, AAA Master Mediator Panel

Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators

Adjunct Professor, Fordham Law School

Distinguished ADR Practitioner in Residence, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law


            After acknowledging and thanking the Co-Chairs and Sponsors of the conference, Moxley provided introductory remarks as to the design and intent of the conference. 

            He started by noting that, while with the end of the Cold War, the risks and issues presented by nuclear weapons largely fell out of public consciousness, those risks and issues are still very much with us and are perhaps graver and more volatile in today’s multilateral world.

            Moxley said that the overall theme of the conference is the rule of law. He emphasized that, as would be evident from the various matters discussed throughout the day, there is a body of law that addresses the lawfulness of the threat and use of nuclear weapons.  He said that the purpose of the conference is to call attention to that body of law and identify areas where it is fully developed and need only be applied meaningfully and respects in which it needs further attention and development.

            Moxley suggested that, with the many competing views as to the appropriate policies as to nuclear weapons, international law may well be the best way for the international community to get control of and ameliorate the risks of nuclear weapons.

Moxley stated that the conference would take a comprehensive look at nuclear weapons and related risks as of 2020.  He walked the audience through the agenda for the day, describing the various panels. He said the conference would first look at the facts and existing policies as to nuclear weapons risks as a way of establishing the facts that need be considered in applying the legal standards to the threat and use of nuclear weapons.  He said the conference would then look at the role of United Nations in addressing such risks, and then at the existing and potential future treaty regime applicable to the use and threat of use of such weapons. 

Moxley said the next panel would take a broad look at the existing body of international law applicable to the threat and use of nuclear weapons.  He said that, finally, the last panel of the day would include a broad review of legal, civil, political, and other steps available to address nuclear weapons risks.

Moxley further previewed the Keynote that would be delivered by Hon. Izumi Nakamitsu, UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, and the dialogue that would be conducted by Jonathan Granoff with Hon. Jerry Brown, Former Governor, State of California and Executive Chairman, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Moxley closed by introducing the representatives of sponsor organizations who would be making introductory comments.