Addressing the Massive Global Impact of Corruption

While corruption makes daily headlines around the world, little is written about the commitment of the 189 countries that have signed the UN Convention Against Corruption, a legally binding treaty. […]

Watch: Jane Goodall and Jonathan Granoff at Oxford Union

Humanity faces critical challenges for which national responses are too narrow. New levels of cooperation are required for success. On November 30, 2021, world-renown primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall and […]

Jonathan Granoff | Human-Centered Education

World Academy of Art and Science Title of the Panel: Educating Leaders for a Different Future. Date: Dec 8, 2021 Event: 5th International Conference on Future Education – Global Leadership […]

Human Security for All

“The only people who should be allowed to govern countries with nuclear weapons are mothers, those who are still breast-feeding their babies.” ― Tsutomu Yamaguchi May 11, 2021 – Human […]

Global Leadership for Sustainable Planet

The session “Global Leadership for Sustainable Planet” was held on 21st April, 2020. The speakers, including Kevin Cassidy, Director, International Labour Organization—U.S.; Donato Kiniger-Pasigli, Vice President, World Academy of Art […]