Books: Creative Dissent: A Politican’s Struggle for Peace

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Creative Dissent: A Politican’s Struggle for Peace

By Douglas Roche

Featuring a compelling introduction by the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Canadas 16th Prime Minister, Creative Dissent: A Politician’s Struggle for Peace recounts Douglas Roche’s life story. Roche is one of only three Canadians who has served his country as a Member of Parliament, Ambassador and Senator. Over the past 30 years, he has emerged as one of the world’s most passionate advocates for nuclear disarmament.Funny, tearful, exhilarating and exasperating, Roche looks back on his 80 years with admissions of mistakes, moments of triumph and, most of all, a feeling of being blessed by God with a productive life and devoted family. There are lessons here: about politics and the perils awaiting public figures, about bringing spiritual values to the public square, about never succumbing to the cynics. Most of all, the book is about one Canadian’s passion for peace.

“This book is about many things.  It is on one level a very personal story of how a family man was able to reconcile the demands of public and public life.  It is a story about the continuing relevance and power of faith even in our current materialist age.  It informs readers about the practice of the trade of journalism in Canada and its vital role in influencing public policy.  It offers a clear explanation of the changing landscape of Canadian domestic politics and the sometimes positive, sometimes not-so positive roles played by the government bureaucracy.

It also describes quite clearly the tensions and dilemmas that a government representative faces when he or she confronts difficult choices—as for example, when a public policy conflicts with one’s private conscience, or when a country champions the goal of global nuclear disarmament while also backing the enduring value of nuclear deterrence.

But above all, it is a story of a gifted public servant’s determination to advance the interests and ideals of humanity.  His is a vision that helps us all to understand how the progress of the human community toward a more peaceful and just world also benefits the citizens of individual countries.”

– United Nations High Representative for Disarmament, H.E. Mr. Sergio Duarte 

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Journalist, politician, academic and diplomat, Senator Douglas Roche is one of Canada’s foremost experts on peace and disarmament. He is currently Chair of the Middle Powers Initiative, the former Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament and former Chairman of the United Nations Disarmament Committee.

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