INVITATION: Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass – April 30, 2014

Moral principles on humanity’s greatest challenges should not be ignored. When both practical and moral imperatives reinforce one another, change happens. 


The event report from this extraordinary panel is forthcoming. A photo gallery is available on Flickr.




The Permanent Mission of the Philippines and the Global Security Institute


invite you to a discussion on


“Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass”


Co-chaired by Ambassador Libran Cabactulan and GSI President Jonathan Granoff


Speakers include:


High Representative Angela Kane, United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs

Bishop William Swing, United Religions Initiative

Reverend Tyler Wigg Stevenson, World Evangelical Alliance  

Dr. William Vendley, Religions for Peace

H.E. Archbishop Francis A. Chullikatt, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations

Ven. Dr. Chung Ohun LeeWon Buddhism International to the UN

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Fiqh Council of North America

Rabbi Peter Knobel, Central Conference of American Rabbis


April 30, 2014

1:15- 2:45 pm

Trusteeship Council Chamber

United Nations Headquarters


UN Passes are required.


Those without security passes must RSVP by April 27 to: [email protected] 


Special gratitude goes to the following supporting organizations who helped to make this event possible:  




The Permanent Mission of the Philippines, Global Security Institute,

United Religions Initiative, Religions for Peace, World Evangelical Alliance, and the United Methodist Women


Interfaith Call for Prayers to 

Abolish Nuclear Weapons


April 30, 2014 ~ 10:00-11:00 am

Tillman Chapel

Church Center for the United Nations 

44th Street and First Avenue (SW corner)


This service will have unique opportunities for prayer and participation: 



We will honor the work of religions, denominations, and organizations that have developed a statement on the elimination of nuclear weapons. You are invited to bring a copy of your position paper to present during the service so that it will become part of the blessing section of the service. 



There will be a blessing on the work already done and a call to inspire more discussion and actions on nuclear abolition at the community level. 



You will be invited to add your prayer for nuclear abolition on a piece of ribbon. These prayers will create a panel to be linked with The Ribbon International’s panels that went around the Pentagon in 1985. 



Your prayers will help empower humanity to achieve the end of nuclear weapons and the dawn of a culture of peace. 


Contact Monica Willard at [email protected] to share your organization’s statement at the service and/or to be listed in the program as a supporter of this service. Supporters are encouraged to invite guests and attend the programs. 


This service is designed to complement the 1:15 program in the Trusteeship Council

Nuclear Weapons and the Moral Compass