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Our Second Working Paper to the 2017 Negotiations: Never Forget The Good
Dear Friends,
One of the main values of the Prohibition Treaty is advocacy to generate political will for nuclear sanity amongst the public. Normal people in many countries, although not all,  are more concerned with what is right and wrong, moral and immoral, than with legal technicalities. Also, it is clear to nearly all reasonable people of good will agree that knowingly causing or threatening to cause irreparable environmental damage, devastating climactic change, or horrific suffering and death to countless
non-combatants through the use of nuclear weapons is morally not acceptable.
Appropriate language that can be well used for public advocacy is of great value and should be in the Preamble to the Treaty.  Please note our working paper, Never Forget the Good,  for such suggested language.
This concept builds on the General Assembly Resolution The Ethical Imperatives for A Nuclear Weapons Free World (A/RES/71/55) which addresses the morality issue. It was not obtained by consensus but remains valuable authority. Let me highlight that the General Assembly resolution convening these very deliberations to obtain the treaty at issue today was similarly passed by majority and not consensus.
Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute