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The Possibilities of Peace, Within and Without

MiND TV interviews Jonathan Granoff, president of the Global Security Institute, on the possibilities of peace within individuals as well as within governments and between cultures.   MiND TV owns…

The Post-Atomic World

As an Evangelical preacher, GSI Board Member Tyler Wigg Stevenson believes that Christians have a particularly important role to play in helping prevent the evil of nuclear weapons from being…

BSG Member Gloria Duffy on ABC News

  BSG Member and Commonwealth Club President Gloria Duffy, a former arms control negotiator, discusses the new NPR and how it acts as a carrot and a stick.

US Unveils More Restrictive Nuclear Policy

Jonathan Granoff on Associated Press television discussing the security-enhancing cooperation facilitated by the new START treaty and the Nuclear Posture Review.

The US-India Deal

GSI and MPI Adviser Jayantha Dhanapala talks about how the US-India nuclear cooperation deal violates the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The Three Most Important Legal Instruments

GSI President Jonathan Granoff discusses what he believes are the three most important legan instruments of the 20th century: the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the…